Utilize this efficient API to quickly scrape data from Bing

Bing SERP features

Gather a vast array of SERP features including web pages, images, videos, and news through a single API request.


Pay as you go

Starting at $2.00 per 1k searches, our pricing is designed to be budget-friendly. Enjoy zero maintenance and half the cost compared to other APIs.


Realtime results

Our BING Search Results API is engineered for speed. Powered by a strong infrastructure, get immediate and efficient search results.


Target any location

Obtain search engine results that are both accurate and geographically tailored to your needs.

Bing Organic Results

The Bing SERP API’s enables the extraction of non-paid search listings directly from Bing’s search engine. This feature is designed to help users analyze and understand the performance of natural search queries, offering insights into how websites rank organically for certain keywords or phrases. It provides a structured format for accessing real-time search engine results, including webpages, images, and videos, based on specified keywords or queries

People Also Ask, Carousel, Knowledge Graph, Ad Result, Related Searches, News Results, Image Results

The Bing Search Engine Results Page API’s capability to scrape features like “People Also Ask,” or Ad Results provides comprehensive data for SEO and market research. It aids in understanding user intent by revealing related queries and additional questions users might have. This data enriches content creation and user experiences by leveraging diverse and detailed information. Additionally, insights into ad placements and competitive analysis can be gained, informing advertising strategies and keyword targeting.

Data retrieval in JSON or XML

 Multiple coding languages

Keyword results rankings

Pagination supported

High volume searches

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$2,00/1000 request

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