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Highly scalable solutions

Serpsolution scales with you. Handle high volumes effortlessly with the ability to send up to 1,000 URLs in a single batch.


Pay as you go

Starting at $2.00 per 1k searches, our pricing is designed to be budget-friendly. Enjoy zero maintenance and half the cost compared to other APIs.


Realtime results

Our Google Search Results API is engineered for speed. Powered by a strong infrastructure, get immediate and efficient search results.


Location-based accuracy

Obtain search engine results that are both accurate and geographically tailored to your needs.

Diverse Search Results

All in One Place

Organic Results

Immerse in detailed search data with up to 100 organic results per page, and extend your reach with over 400 results using pagination for comprehensive insights.

Paid Results

Gain a complete overview of all Google ad types, including their specific placements on the search results page. Leverage this to understand ad strategies and positioning.

Local Results

Serpsolution API excels in local search, featuring Google Places. Extract critical data like titles, reviews, addresses, and place IDs, essential for local market analysis.

Map Results

Retrieve detailed Google Maps results, including information on stores, restaurants, and other local businesses, vital for location-based strategies.

Video Results

Dive into inline video results integrated within organic searches. Get detailed insights, including titles and URLs, for a broad video content overview.

Knowledge Graph

Immerse in detailed search data with up to 100 organic results per page, and extend your reach with over 400 results using pagination for comprehensive insights.

People also ask

Unlock the “People also ask” section as part of our search results offering, providing a broader perspective on user queries and interests.


Explore Answerbox results encompassing calculations, weather forecasts, dictionary definitions, and more, adding depth to your search data.

Affordable, Zero Maintenance

Starting at just $2.00 per 1k searches, SerpSolution offers an affordable solution with no manual rules or web-scrapers needed. Enjoy a reliable, maintenance-free experience.

Human-Like Data Retrieval

 Each API request mimics human interaction, including CAPTCHA solving, ensuring you get authentic user-experienced data.

Universal Language Support

With SerpSolution, compatibility is never an issue. Our API seamlessly integrates with any programming language, allowing data retrieval through any HTTP client.

Location-Based Accuracy

SerpSolution provides highly accurate, geolocated search engine results, ensuring you get the most relevant data for your specific needs.


The Google SERP API efficiently extracts public data from Google’s search engine, adapting to the constant changes in Google’s SERP structure and algorithms. The Search Engine Results Pages (SERP or SERPs) are dynamic, with the displayed results varying based on factors such as your search history, device, and location.

The Google Search API facilitates an extensive range of customizable search parameters to suit diverse needs. These parameters include options like the number of results per page, language preferences, geolocation settings, specific time ranges, and safe mode among others. This versatility allows for searching across different types of data, including:

  • Textual content
  • Image-based searches
  • Video content
  • Map data
  • News articles
  • Job listings
  • Image galleries
  • Trending topics and data

SERP API provides support for a variety of Google services, including Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Images, Google Hotels, Google Videos, Google Trends, Google Reviews, Google News, and Google Jobs. For more detailed and specific functionalities, you should explore the targeting options available for these Google SERP services.

Your monthly search count only includes successful searches. Cached, errored, or failed searches are not included.

Google allows a maximum of 100 results on a single page through its ‘num’ parameter. Therefore, to access more than the top 100 results, multiple searches are required, combined with a pagination parameter such as ‘pag_start’.

While Google likes to report millions or billions of total results, the actual number of results they server is generally around 400-500. You can see this yourself by making a Google search yourself and clicking to the last page. Our API can get you 100% of the results that Google decides to serve, they just don’t seem to actually serve the millions / billions that they claim.

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