Scrape search results effortlessly with Yahoo SERP API

Yahoo SERP features

Gather a vast array of Yahoo features including web pages, images, videos, and news through a single API request.


Pay as you go

Starting at $2.00 per 1k searches, our pricing is designed to be budget-friendly.


Realtime results

Our Yahoo Search Results API is engineered for speed. Powered by a strong infrastructure, get immediate and efficient search results.


Zero Maintenance

There's no need for manual configurations or complex web-scraping tools. Get fast, reliable SERP data effortlessly, all maintenance-free.

Yahoo Search Results

In Yahoo searches, not only can we scrape simple results, but also images, videos, carousels, info boxes, the “People Also Ask” section, and much more information with the help of the API.

JSON API Results

We can use countless filter parameters in the API call to more easily access the SERP data valuable to us. We receive the result of the API call in JSON format within a fraction of a second.

Affordable, Zero Maintenance

Starting at just $2.00 per 1k searches, SerpSolution offers an affordable solution with no manual rules or web-scrapers needed. Enjoy a reliable, maintenance-free experience.

Human-Like Data Retrieval

 Each API request mimics human interaction, including CAPTCHA solving, ensuring you get authentic user-experienced data.

Universal Language Support

With SerpSolution, compatibility is never an issue. Our API seamlessly integrates with any programming language, allowing data retrieval through any HTTP client.

Location-Based Accuracy

SerpSolution provides highly accurate, geolocated search engine results, ensuring you get the most relevant data for your specific needs.

Ready to build?

Explore our flexible pricing plans tailored to fit your needs, whether you prefer a pay-as-you-go approach or a monthly subscription

Monthly Plan

$0,40/1000 request

Pay-as-you- go Plan

$2,00/1000 request

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